For complete oral hygiene, dentists and oral hygienists recommend using a mouthwash daily to completely eliminate harmful bacteria. Indeed, the toothbrush is not enough to combat cavities, gingivitis, sensitive teeth or even bad breath. Whether you are using a manual or electric toothbrush, it is unlikely that you will manage to reach all the spaces between your teeth with each brushing. The bacteria and food residue settle in every corner of your mouth: the spaces between your teeth, your tongue, gums and even your palate.


Those that are not removed on a daily basis damage the enamel on the teeth with a corrosive action and cause inflamed gums. Indeed, a thick layer known as dental plaque forms in the parts where bacteria gathers and which, over time, can calcify and become tartar.
A good mouthwash used after brushing your teeth, at least once a day, contributes to eliminating the germs that resist the action of the brush and toothpaste preventing enamel erosion and the accumulation of bacteria, providing a pleasant, long-lasting sensation of freshness. Mouthwash is also useful when you don't have a chance to brush your teeth offering an easy, rapid yet penetrating hygiene at any time of the day.


Biorepair mouthwashes are designed with a particular density that has been specifically studied to offer greater adherence to the teeth, increasing the effectiveness of the microRepair® particles and prolonging the protective barrier action on the enamel and dentin. The microRepair® particles cover the teeth like a glove, repairing them and protecting them against cavities and plaque.

The composition of microRepair® particlesclosely resembles that of enamel. They easily penetrate even the most difficultareas to reach with a brush. They also release Zinc for maximum anti-bacterialaction.
The formula has been enriched with Zinc PCA for greater protection againstbacteria and cavities, without the use of Chlorhexidine and, as a result,eliminates unwanted effects such as stained teeth, which can be a consequenceof prolonged use of this ingredient. The Biorepair mouthwashes containsneither Fluoride nor Alcohol.


Biorepair® Mouthwash is the only high-density formula with microRepair® that provides greater adhesion to the teeth

A mouthwash that helps to protect the oral mucosa from inflammation, alleviating symptoms and preventing plaque build-up.

Biorepair® Collutorio is the only one with a high density formula based on Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamins + Natural Extracts

The MOUSSE mouthwash releases micro bubbles that adhere to the gum and tooth reaching the most hidden interdental spaces. Ideal for sore, swollen and bleeding gums, and irritated oral mucosa.

Biorepair® Collutori ad alta densità

Biorepair® Collutori ad alta densità