1. Total Protection
  2. Sensitive Teeth
  3. Gum Protection
  4. Teeth Whitening
  5. Kids and Junior Line
  6. Toothbrushes and Accessories

Total protection

For everyday oral hygiene, it repairs the enamel surface and protects it from cavities, plaque and tartar build-up.

Sensitive teeth

Repairs exposed dentine to provide immediate relief from the pain of sensitivity

Gum protection

Combats gum problems by protecting against inflammation

Teeth whitening

Repairs the enamel surface, restoring the brightness of teeth

Kids and Junior line

Strengthens and protects the enamel of new and baby teeth

Toothbrushes and accessories

The professional toothbrush and accessories line with microRepair® made with an innovative bacteriostatic material


Toothbrushes CURVE


Dental floss and Flossers


Pipe cleaners rubber and bristles