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Biorepair® Sensitive Teeth

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Do you suffer from toothache or tooth discomfort? Maybe you have exposed dentine. The pain caused by sensitive teeth is also caused by gingival retraction resulting in the gradual exposure of the tubules that transmit the feeling of irritation related to heat and cold directly to the nerve of the tooth.
Thanks to microRepair®, Biorepair® toothpaste repairs tooth enamel by binding chemically to the enamel and dentin, closing the tubules and preventing thermal stimuli to reach the nerve of the tooth. It also prevents enamel erosion and the loss of natural tooth whiteness.


Biorepair® Total Protection+Junior

Biorepair Total Protection+Junior

Biorepair® "Ask me more"


Biorepair® Total Protection+Junior

Biorepair Total Protection+Junior

Biorepair® "Ask me more"

Biorepair the only toothpaste without Fluoride. Biorepair is twice effective than a normal fluoride based toothpaste.


Biorepair® Gums Protection

Biorepair Gums Protection- Product of the Years 2015

Biorepair® "Win Philips SONICARE!"

Biorepair "Win Philips SONICARE!"


Biorepair® Sensitive Teeth with Mouthwash 2014

Biorepair® with Mouthwash and product of the year.

Biorepair® Product of the Year 2014

Biorepair Sensitive Teeth Produced with the Year 2014.


Biorepair® Junior

Biorepair® Junior is the only toothpaste for children based microRepair® that contrast the attack of plaque and bacteria and make your teeth healthy and strong.

Biorepair® Total Protection with Topo Gigio

Biorepair fights plaque, tooth decay and tartar. Does not contain fluoride. Protects the teeth of your child.


Biorepair® Total Protection with Mouthwash

For comprehensive protection against plaque, tartar and cavities using toothpaste Biorepair Total Protection with Mouthwash.