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Is Fluoride the best solution?

All toothpastes contain Fluoride for children to counter demineralisation and cavities... but at what price?

  • Excessive absorption can cause fluorosis
  • Indeed, for children up to 6 years of age, European Directive 2009/129/EC restricts the consumption of toothpaste containing Fluoride (in concentrations from 0.1 to 0.15%) to small amounts and under the supervision of an adult.

How Biorepair® Junior with microRepair® works

  • The microRepairs® are composed of Hydroxyapatite: the similar substance which teeth are made of
  • They bond to the enamel surface and remineralise it
  • They prevent decay and bacteria by releasing Zinc ions
  • The innovative and delicate Biorepair Junior formula makes it safe to use for children under 6 years of age without adult supervision.

Mom, are you still sure that Fluoride is the best solution against tooth decay?

Discover the best product for children's dental hygiene.